Bolt Throwing

The term “bolt throwing” refers to the operator managing the cycle of operations for a bolt action rifle.

The cycle of operations, usually, are: unlocking the bolt face from the chamber, cocking the firing mechanism, ejecting of brass (usually not for airsoft), chambering the new round, re-locking, firing.

I’ll keep this written portion short and supporting of the video because the bases are already covered in under two minutes.

Requirements: a bolt-action rifle and a strong stable firing position.

This is easier if you assume a position similar to mine in the video. Jason tried this same technique, as per my instructional, but had to adjust his body when it came time to throw the bolt. He got the rounds on target just fine, but racking it was awkward.

Then he re-positioned his support hand from the forearm to the buttstock.

The hand holds the stock in the shoulder, which is why you can use your firing arm without screwing up the whole position. The firing arms only responsibility is smooth trigger pull and bolt throwing. Technically, you shouldn’t even need to place your firing hand on the weapon.


~ by Travis on 12Apr2008.

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